Founded in Monaco, the brand is a project that stemmed from founder Lara Tabbara’s personal interpretation of resort and beach wear.

The collection is an expression of a bohemian beach lifestyle for all women who celebrate such a style of living, appreciate quality and creativity and who want to feel valued, special, and sensual. It is the versatility of the pieces, which can be dressed up for the evening or worn as they are for the day, that give them the ‘Beyond the Beach’ dimension. Fabrics are luxurious while remaining lightweight and fluid giving a sensuality and richness to each garment.
This new edition of 4Lara takes us to the maze-like Medina of Marrakesh. Animated by the spirit of the Souk, pieces are a reflection of this melting pot blending Moorish charm with Berber hints. Colours mirror the Ochre hues of the Kasbah’s, the copper strokes of Hena, the bluest of oasis’ and a garden of Succulents. A fortress flanked by the chain of the Atlas, forms remain fluid and follow the seductive curves of Arabesque characters.